AUDIO – EASY HIRAGANAS – Learn hiraganas in five days

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Ce livre audio en anglais est conçu pour être utilisé avec les manuels « Easy hiraganas : learn hiraganas in five days » et « Easy katakanas : learn katakanas in five days ». Pour en savoir plus sur ces livres, rendez-vous sur sur le site de vente Amazon.

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Genre : livre éducatif en anglais

Durée : 106 minutes

Narrateurs : Melissa Marshall / Lily Tachibana

Monteur : Jack Pline

Version audio française : 9,99 $

Fichiers : .mp3

ISBN : 978-2-38124-095-4

Looking for a simple way to learn the basics of the Japanese language?

If you think learning Japanese is intimidating, perhaps you’ve yet to explore methods and tools that are perfectly suited for students to familiarize themselves with the basics.

It is crucial for anyone striving to learn Japanese to understand hiraganas, which are considered the building blocks of the language. Mastering hiraganas by heart opens up the path towards a better understanding of Japanese vocabulary, expression, and even kanji.

Learn how to write in Japanese with Easy Hiraganas: Learn Hiraganas in Five Days.

With characters integrated as mnemonics, students will find it easier to recognize and remember syllables through the thoughtfully prepared exercises and lessons. The best part is, this manual is designed for a five-day language study!

Perfect for beginners, our Japanese workbooks for beginners take the form of a children’s book but are suitable for people of all ages. The first nine Japanese lessons consist of a short story where you replace syllables in the text with a hiragana. This way, you can read hiraganas without ever having seen them before.

For example: « えverybody loves えlephants. » One can easily understand that the symbol え corresponds to the « e » sound. This way of reading facilitates the seamless integration of the symbols into one’s knowledge. Furthermore, an audio material can be purchased separately to aid in optimizing one’s study of this Japanese learning book.

In this Japanese workbook, you’ll encounter:

✅ Entertaining short stories with reading exercises
✅ Modules for an understanding of variations and combinations
✅ Bonus handwriting worksheets for practicing
✅ Also available for katakanas

Learning hiraganas has never been this engaging and enriching. Add Easy Hiraganas: Learn Hiraganas in Five Days to your cart TODAY





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